Moogle-Palooza: Gurdy


Here's Gurdy!

Well, here's the 2nd Moogle out of the 6 proposed members of the Moogle Family that I've built so far. Gurdy turned out quite well, even though I ran through a bunch of trouble while trying to get her posed right using the reference pic I had of her. Once again though, I have to apologize for the poor printing quality. I haven't saved up enough to buy new ink carts for the HP printer, hopefully I'll save up enough by next week.

Finally took a picture of how to assemble the pom-pom without me trying to explain how the heck it's supposed to be made. Well, even though it's self explanatory, I've gotten quite a few comments from individuals complaining about it... so there you go.

It's quite tough getting a picture of Gurdy hovering.... she tends to twirl around before I get a decent picture of her. Well, she is after all the only Moogle from FFXII that's actually using her wings.

Well, guess that's just about it... nothing more for me to say than to wish you good luck!

Final Fantasy XII Gurdy

I'll eventually get the entire Moogle Family and Momo together!
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Moogle-Palooza: Nono


Well, finally got my MediaFire folder back online and I can release this little fellow! Thanks to the folks at MF of course!

So anyway, you guys voted for Nono, so Nono is all yours. Before you guys wonder what those streaks are in the model, those were caused by the Canon printer I was using. Unfortunately my HP printer ran outta ink yet again, so I had to settle with the old bubble jet printer. So there's a definite lack in printing quality, well either that or I don't get to print anything at all. Meh.

Tried something slightly different with this release, didn't include a "Lined" .PDF. My models are all meant to be "Lineless" and built smoothly. The Reference Manual also changed slightly, but it still serves as reference only. You can freely choose a way that's comfortable for you to build Nono. Oh, and yes I know the er.. spanner(?), is pointing away from Nono, that's because I didn't fold the palm and the wrist to get it to tilt towards Nono. It still works, so that's fine with me.

Gurdy and Sorbet are currently in the works, so expect another release in the next few days.

Anyway, that's just about it... knock yourselves out. Good luck!

Final Fantasy XII Nono

Momo wanted to join in the spotlight with Nono
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Moogle-Palooza: Momo


Well, you guessed it! Exams are pretty much over, got home before lunch and just laid back relaxed for the first time since last week. It'll be another 2 mons or so before finals again, so I have until then to slack off and care less about anything else. Let alone studying... hahaha!

I also took the time today to create a 2nd blog, called Assembly Line. Rather than posting here every time I have something new to play around with and making a mess of the place, the new blog would simply serve as my update page. So, if you're slightly interested in seeing some WIP models, that's a place to go. Paper and Glue will now be, my release page.

Having exams over and done with is not the only reason why I'm celebrating today. Here's why:

When I started this blog and made my first release, being LeBlanc, I thought no one would care about my models, but that right there... shows that at least there are some individuals taking their time to actually look at my models and to even download them. It wouldn't bother me if only 1% of those who downloaded the models would actually build them. That's alright, it's still gratifying either way.

So, to celebrate 6,000+ downloads of the "crap" that I've been releasing, here's a little somethin special for y'all (which also makes it my 5th release to date):
My first Moogle, from Final Fantasy XII. There's not much to pose on him other than tilt his head to the side, move his arms a bit... and that's it. It's the "cleanup" process that was the real pain in the butt. Eventually got it the way I wanted him to look like and just started building like crazy this morning.

So, as for the scale.... yeah, he's going to be the base for all the Moogles that I do intend to build. Kaizo suggested that I try the entire Moogle Family from FFXII, and that actually interested me quite a bit, instead of building just 1 Moogle. Building them all would take up quite some space, so I had to try to scale him smaller than Illidan. This was a test for me, and I believe I succeeded in doing so.

Anyway, enough of the chatter... you're here for the model not my blabbering!

FFXII Moogle

So, enjoy everyone... and once more thanks for downloading my stuff! Good luck!

Oh, btw... here's my own personal version of the Moogle... I'm calling him Momo. Sure, he has a cute name, but he makes up for it with the gear he's carrying!
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Illidan Stormrage

"What manner of fool dares stand before Illidan Stormrage?!"

I'd say this is a very successful first attempt at building my own Warcraft 3 model. Illidan definitely just opened the doors for me to continue this new long term project of mine. I'm planning on building every unit and critter available in the game and make some sort of diorama eventually. Gotta thank Barbarian and his Pally model from WoW for the inspiration to this new project.

This also gave me the opportunity to try out using an actual background to take pictures from for my models, rather than you seeing the kitchen in the background all the time. It's not exactly perfect, but hey, it does the job that it's meant to do.

Well, anyway here you go. Good luck to anyone who decides to build Illidan Stormrage.
Illidan Stormrage
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Tonberry Release

Picture above has the dimmer switch set to the brightest.

Tonberry makes an appearance! Finally finished up on Ton. Took me longer than expected, well since I was working on Tifa at the same time, so yeah... still took me awhile to finish this. Ton was not meant to be released in the first place, therefore it lacks a Reference Manual. So you have to build this on your own without something to guide you aside from the .PDO. Funny how you can use Ton during Halloween in place of a Jack-O-Lantern.

This is as small as Ton can get, since the scale is based on the smallest bulb available to me that works with a dimmer switch. The scale may not work for you, that's why I was hesitant to release this model in the first place. Those bright LED's aren't easy for me to find, so you might get lucky and use a LED instead and use a USB as it's power source. Search through google for "USB Powered LED" there are various sites around that could help you with that. You can still build the other lamp, and use the fake flames instead if you wish.

Anyway, if you do decide to build Ton, then goodluck to you and don't forget to turn off the lightbulb!


Sidenote: Tifa is on her way, hopefully I'll be able to finish up on the build before the month ends... well, more or less anyway.
edit: yah know what.... that was a lame entry, using "entrance" rather than "appearance" LOL *electrocutes self*
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Cloud Strife Release

Here he is folks! I would've released Cloud sooner, but coz of all the bad weather lately I got sick... anyway I think this is a good way to start the new school year and to say farewell to my well spent summer vacation. As with my LeBlanc release this model is HUGE, not counting Cloud... just the Ink Buster Sword *laughs*. This marks my 2nd release, and my ongoing "Designer Tributes" models, why call it that, this time, Cloud is a tribute to, not 1, not 2 but 3 individuals.

Well here's some clues; they are all MALE, all have a papercraft development blog and at one point made their own rendition of Cloud. Guessed who they are already? No? Oh c'mon, surely you can.

Oh what the heck... this Cloud model is a tribute to Kaizo (Shinra Soldier Cloud Strife), Ninjatoes (Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife) and SD-Sacha (Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife). Obviously, there's still alot of room for improvement in my model, but I'm learning, still, not bad for my 2nd attempt at modeling eh?

Anyway, this release includes 2 PDO files (a PDO for Pose A including an optional arm piece to build Pose B and an unfolded reference PDO for Pose B, just so you know how he's supposed to look like), a Lined and Lineless PDF file, a Reference Manual with pictures and tips on how to build Cloud, finally an obligatory ReadMe! file. I highly recommend printing from the PDF files since the PDO has this white lines to help folding.

Well, guess that's all for now, got some homework to do and other school related gibberish. I'll try to finish up on my other projects as fast as I possibly can, given that I can only work on them during the weekends, can't have Cloud left all alone by himself now can I? *sigh, I miss summer already*

Kingdom Hearts 2 Cloud Strife

PS: Oh yah, feel free to troll..... I don't give a damn about trolls, y'all are ugly and stinky trolls! So bring it on, troll-ies!!!
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FFX-2 LeBlanc Release!

Finally, after what seems like forever for me to release LeBlanc, my Queen of Hearts, today's the day folks! Took me at most 2 months to get this model released, from idea to the finished model.

So this release marks a first, therefore this is a homage to Kaizo and Lady Luck, both of which are the main reasons why I took up PaperCrafting in the first place.

I didn't make a step by step instruction for this, since I decided to include the .PDO, also this is a very straightforward build, simply follow the part numbers and my included Reference Manual and you'll be ok.

Included in this release would be a Lined and Lineless PDF, a .PDO file as general instructions, and a Reference Manual that would have several pictures of the build and some of my tips to make the build easier.

So, anyway, to the handful of individuals who are crazy enough to tackle this model, good luck, you're gonna need it!

Once again, thanks Kaizo for being an outstanding mentor!

FFX-2 LeBlanc
Dark Crystal Font

ps: If you wish to share the model, link to the release page instead of directly to the actual file. Thanks!

Edit: Included the link to the font I'll be using from now on, courtesy of So if y'all really wish to print from the .PDO, then get the font. It's FREE!
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