Claptrap: Progress report

Just a quick progress report with Claptrap. I've already started the build a week ago (sorry no actual progress pics), so far the scale I've chosen for Claptrap isn't all that hard to build. Based on my estimates once built, Claptrap "himself" would be about 12in-14in; including the antennae around 20in. Those are just estimates, since Claptrap's entire body is hovering above his wheel so Pepakura wouldn't be of much help determining his final height.

Either way, the part count and part sizes are manageable and not all that hard to put together. Here's a quick sample of my layout. I'm using 8.5in x 13in velum board paper. That's probably called cardstock for some of you folks?
I'll arrange the layout for A4 format once I'm done with the build. Just a heads up though, I won't be making a step by step (part by part) guide as per my usual. This model is quite simple that it wouldn't require a separate guide aside from the .PDO.

That'll be all for now... next update would likely be the release. Ciao
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The Stand: Final

The stand is finished, made all 6 stands with different designs and added a little bling on top of it; the part that makes contact with Claptraps wheels. I'll separate each stand in their own respective .PDO file, that way we'll avoid any mistakes in printing the stand that we actually want.

As for Claptrap himself, still haven't finished the unfold, roughly 1/4 of it is finished. I aim to build him to be at least 24in tall, that's from the bottom of his wheels to the tip of the antennae. So far, there are certain parts that look difficult to make due to their small size, especially those small wire fixtures around his arms. I'll try to build those wires first, if they prove to be too hard or flimsy for me... then I may scale the model up just a bit. Not too much. Hopefully.

That would be all for now, will try to get the template finished before the end of my weekend. So far so good!
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Claptrap's Stand

I'll be adding a nifty little stand for good 'ol Claptrap to stand on. It's textured on all sides with Borderlands 2  stuff. I'll be making 4 different stands representing each of the images above, so you folks would have an actual choice of texture you prefer to print out. Option #3 currently looks like the best winner here, using minimal ink, then  again options #2 and #4 are good too. Then the real deal breaker here is option #1 of course, good 'ol Claptrap giving..... you know.... all the... sandwhiches he has! Get it? Yeah, maybe not. Just watch Claptraps web-series.
This one also looks pretty good, it features all 4 Borderlands 2 characters going up against every creature in Borderlands 2. I'm gonna build this one for sure. It's a good thing I still remember some of Kaizo's tutorial videos... it's been helping me throughout this process of getting back in the game. I owe that dude a lot.

That's about it. Still unfolding and double checking how the build process would go.
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Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked

When I received my first PS3 as a graduation gift from my parents, Borderlands GOTY was the very first game I played and finished which included every DLC and the 2nd playthrough. Claptrap, is the most memorable character I've ever encountered in any game and I enjoyed every single bit of his annoying voice.

When I heard Borderlands 2 was in development I was excited to get my hands on the game as soon as it was released. Sadly several months ago, my dorm room was ransacked and my PS3 and other electronic gadgets I owned were stolen. Eventually though, just last Christmas; being the spoiled kid that I am, my parents bought me a new PS3 along with another Borderlands GOTY AND Borderlands 2! (sadly no DLC since they were not aware of it at the time)

Which brings us to this project of mine, my very own Interplanetary Ninja Assassin CL4P-TP! I searched for a method that could allow me to get a hold of Claptrap, but I couldn't quite get it to work. So instead through the power of Googling, found myself a readily available 3D model online. Worked with the model for the past couple of days, using various references online to get the model as accurate as possible. In the process I noticed subtle differences from the actual in game Claptrap and the cut-scenes for him as well. I won't go so much into detail about it, but here's an example:
The above image came from the Borderlands Claptrap web-series. Comparing that footage along with the actual in game Claptrap model for Borderlands and Borderlands 2, there's a huge difference. Obviously, went ahead and used the web-series as my reference and...... taaaadaaaa!
I gotta admit that I was having serious issues trying to figure out Metasequoia and Sketchup, it's been such a long time now since I handled those programs I literally had no idea what I was doing. I'll most likely be able to finish the template over the weekend and start on the build this coming week.

That would be all for now. I need to practice building some small models before I tackle this head-on.
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OMG! UPDATE 2013!!!!

I'm alive!!!!!

Damn... lookit lookit.... first updated post since.. like forever! Ahem....

It's been awhile huh? Lots of things has changed last time I was around... some folks I used to work with are long gone, but some are still doing incredibly well! Kudos to you folks, I envy you people. Also, Blogger sure has changed last time I checked.... how come 2 years ago you folks didn't do this?! I was havin'  a pretty hard time trying to figure out this HTML thing. Jeez... thank you, makes this whole "2013 comeback" thing a whole lot easier!

Well, it's been long overdue... I mean, the projects I had lined up. Sadly those are all long gone... long story, head over to my DA page, which I recently just updated as well, if you want to know. But yes, they're all gone, each and every single one of them. I do have a lot of free time  coming along, so that's a bit of good news. (bad news was probably the fact that I'm back... hahahahaha)

Anyway, here; something I may have time to build once I'm done messing around with it. Dead give away I'm sure.

That would be all, hopefully, I'll be able to stick around for a while longer to actually finish this. If not... then, guess I'm just gonna dig myself a new grave. (not really funny.... but it sounded funny)
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Just so you know....


.... that I'm still alive and kicking!

So, it's Friday, the start of a long weekend for me since we all know what Monday is all about... and I got myself some free time over the past couple of weeks to do a little project of my own.

That's little 'ol Pooh Bear sittin' between Kitty Mario and Luigi. I got him in my side projects since last year, but things just got busy with me and real life and of course my last year in high school that I didn't really have the time to deal with papercraft and my other hobbies.

I gotta admit, I was surprised that I still have the capacity to work with my papercraft tools and programs after staying "papercraft sober" for the past few months and I'm quite happy with the end result. As always though, I didn't testbuild anything... I just finished the layout, printed them out and started cutting and gluing things up.

Anyway, sadly Pooh Bear won't be released at all. I'm pretty sure there are a few folks out there who have the time and the skills to work on a more release-able model of Pooh Bear.

So just think of this as a sign that I'll be "coming back" soon... well, after I finish up with high school and stuff.

For now, it's just gonna be a warm "hello" and "I'll see you soon" kind of greeting. Byeee!
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