Cloud Strife Release

Here he is folks! I would've released Cloud sooner, but coz of all the bad weather lately I got sick... anyway I think this is a good way to start the new school year and to say farewell to my well spent summer vacation. As with my LeBlanc release this model is HUGE, not counting Cloud... just the Ink Buster Sword *laughs*. This marks my 2nd release, and my ongoing "Designer Tributes" models, why call it that, this time, Cloud is a tribute to, not 1, not 2 but 3 individuals.

Well here's some clues; they are all MALE, all have a papercraft development blog and at one point made their own rendition of Cloud. Guessed who they are already? No? Oh c'mon, surely you can.

Oh what the heck... this Cloud model is a tribute to Kaizo (Shinra Soldier Cloud Strife), Ninjatoes (Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife) and SD-Sacha (Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife). Obviously, there's still alot of room for improvement in my model, but I'm learning, still, not bad for my 2nd attempt at modeling eh?

Anyway, this release includes 2 PDO files (a PDO for Pose A including an optional arm piece to build Pose B and an unfolded reference PDO for Pose B, just so you know how he's supposed to look like), a Lined and Lineless PDF file, a Reference Manual with pictures and tips on how to build Cloud, finally an obligatory ReadMe! file. I highly recommend printing from the PDF files since the PDO has this white lines to help folding.

Well, guess that's all for now, got some homework to do and other school related gibberish. I'll try to finish up on my other projects as fast as I possibly can, given that I can only work on them during the weekends, can't have Cloud left all alone by himself now can I? *sigh, I miss summer already*

Kingdom Hearts 2 Cloud Strife

PS: Oh yah, feel free to troll..... I don't give a damn about trolls, y'all are ugly and stinky trolls! So bring it on, troll-ies!!!
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