Couldn't get an appropriate image for this post other than this old picture of my shelf, which I posted on my DA.

Figured that this post would best be displayed here on the main blog rather on the Assembly Line side of things since it's quite important compared to the usual gibberish.

As most of you may have noticed by now, I was MIA for quite sometime (if you didn't notice, then that's good). A rather urgent and important family matter came up (I'd rather not discuss it here) and I had to stray away from papercrafting for the past, I dunno... 2-3 weeks now?

I even missed the whole 1 yr anniversary of Leblanc's release and of the blog too, which of course was the release date I hoped for Yuffie.

So as far as my KH2/FF7:AC Yuffie Kisaragi project goes, she's half built sitting on my desk and won't be completed anytime soon seeing as the new school year is practically starting already.

Now for the rest of my projects, I AM NOT DROPPING THEM from the project list. I will eventually finish them all, it'll take some time but I will finish them.

So, again.... all my projects will experience quite a huge delay in getting released.

Well, I suppose that's all for now, there really isn't anything else I can do at the moment than just make this update.

ps: Sorry, but I don't have an updated picture of my papercraft shelf, so the old one would have to do for now.
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