Tonberry Release

Picture above has the dimmer switch set to the brightest.

Tonberry makes an appearance! Finally finished up on Ton. Took me longer than expected, well since I was working on Tifa at the same time, so yeah... still took me awhile to finish this. Ton was not meant to be released in the first place, therefore it lacks a Reference Manual. So you have to build this on your own without something to guide you aside from the .PDO. Funny how you can use Ton during Halloween in place of a Jack-O-Lantern.

This is as small as Ton can get, since the scale is based on the smallest bulb available to me that works with a dimmer switch. The scale may not work for you, that's why I was hesitant to release this model in the first place. Those bright LED's aren't easy for me to find, so you might get lucky and use a LED instead and use a USB as it's power source. Search through google for "USB Powered LED" there are various sites around that could help you with that. You can still build the other lamp, and use the fake flames instead if you wish.

Anyway, if you do decide to build Ton, then goodluck to you and don't forget to turn off the lightbulb!


Sidenote: Tifa is on her way, hopefully I'll be able to finish up on the build before the month ends... well, more or less anyway.
edit: yah know what.... that was a lame entry, using "entrance" rather than "appearance" LOL *electrocutes self*
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