Moogle-Palooza: Gurdy

Here's Gurdy!

Well, here's the 2nd Moogle out of the 6 proposed members of the Moogle Family that I've built so far. Gurdy turned out quite well, even though I ran through a bunch of trouble while trying to get her posed right using the reference pic I had of her. Once again though, I have to apologize for the poor printing quality. I haven't saved up enough to buy new ink carts for the HP printer, hopefully I'll save up enough by next week.

Finally took a picture of how to assemble the pom-pom without me trying to explain how the heck it's supposed to be made. Well, even though it's self explanatory, I've gotten quite a few comments from individuals complaining about it... so there you go.

It's quite tough getting a picture of Gurdy hovering.... she tends to twirl around before I get a decent picture of her. Well, she is after all the only Moogle from FFXII that's actually using her wings.

Well, guess that's just about it... nothing more for me to say than to wish you good luck!

Final Fantasy XII Gurdy

I'll eventually get the entire Moogle Family and Momo together!


Kaizo said...

You cut the corsage up yourself, didn't you. And the wings, and the headband. Nice application of the concept.

Fezco said...

Yeah, those were just a couple of spots that I decided to cut out. The rest I left them as it is, so the end user can decide whether they prefer to cut them out or not.

Wanted to do the same on the ears, however it may prove slightly difficult to align the ears for gluing once you have them "pre-cut".

Kaizo said...

Yeah, I tend to avoid it with the double-faced stuff, mainly because I like to stick the parts together and fake a fold line. If you start chopping in Sketchup, it makes it harder to find an edge to fold along.

Fezco said...

I'm hoping to use that method of yours in more practical ways as I go along, it'll actually be of immense help in reducing ink wastage in some of my future models. Once more, something useful has been learned from watching your tutorials. *thumbs up*

"wastage" <--- wow, it's an actual word O_O

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