Illidan Stormrage

"What manner of fool dares stand before Illidan Stormrage?!"

I'd say this is a very successful first attempt at building my own Warcraft 3 model. Illidan definitely just opened the doors for me to continue this new long term project of mine. I'm planning on building every unit and critter available in the game and make some sort of diorama eventually. Gotta thank Barbarian and his Pally model from WoW for the inspiration to this new project.

This also gave me the opportunity to try out using an actual background to take pictures from for my models, rather than you seeing the kitchen in the background all the time. It's not exactly perfect, but hey, it does the job that it's meant to do.

Well, anyway here you go. Good luck to anyone who decides to build Illidan Stormrage.
Illidan Stormrage


Anubix said...

Wonderfull!!! Thanks!!!

Barbarian said...

Hey! Thanks for this one, I'll build him and will send you a pic.

/cheer :D

Fezco said...

I should thank you actually, if it wasn't for that Pally model of yours I wouldn't be inspired to try my hand at Warcraft models.

Vartax said...

Hello, i loved this model but the mediafore page tell me that it cant find the file :| can you put it up again plz?

Fezco said...

The file is still there, perhaps the servers on Mediafires end was done, try downloading again. Or better yet just browse through my MF folder instead if you still can't download Illidan

GeekPinoy said...

Wow! this looks great... I'll be reposting this on my blog... great work...

maria said...

sorry for my english, but im from argentina. I have seen your page :
and im so amazing for your papercrafts!
I really need a favor, i need the models of some of your papercrafts...
Can you give me this for i can download them?
I especially want Eranikus, Dragon,Upscaled Black Spider-Man, Spawn figure and this

Can you help me please?

Thank you

Fezco said...

For the white dragon, go here:

for Eranikus:

for Black Spider-man, browse through the pages on this forum:

As for Spawn, he's not a papercraft model, but a plastic/pvc toy figure

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