FFX-2 LeBlanc Release!

Finally, after what seems like forever for me to release LeBlanc, my Queen of Hearts, today's the day folks! Took me at most 2 months to get this model released, from idea to the finished model.

So this release marks a first, therefore this is a homage to Kaizo and Lady Luck, both of which are the main reasons why I took up PaperCrafting in the first place.

I didn't make a step by step instruction for this, since I decided to include the .PDO, also this is a very straightforward build, simply follow the part numbers and my included Reference Manual and you'll be ok.

Included in this release would be a Lined and Lineless PDF, a .PDO file as general instructions, and a Reference Manual that would have several pictures of the build and some of my tips to make the build easier.

So, anyway, to the handful of individuals who are crazy enough to tackle this model, good luck, you're gonna need it!

Once again, thanks Kaizo for being an outstanding mentor!

FFX-2 LeBlanc
Dark Crystal Font

ps: If you wish to share the model, link to the release page instead of directly to the actual file. Thanks!

Edit: Included the link to the font I'll be using from now on, courtesy of Dafont.com. So if y'all really wish to print from the .PDO, then get the font. It's FREE!


Ron said...

Awesome work for your first papercraft, you definitely did good. Hope to see more from you soon.

Fezco said...

Thank you!

I'll try to give all my future releases the same treatment I did for LeBlanc. Meaning treating every release as a homage to every paper crafter.

Anonymous said...

the download link is dead. repost a new link?

Fezco said...

Dunno what you're talking about, both links are working just fine, just tried it myself.

Anonymous said...

i gave it another try, had a little trouble but i got it.

Fezco said...

Ah, that's good. I figured it was just an isolated case, glad you were able to download the model.

Enjoy the model, hope she doesn't give you any problems

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