Moogle-Palooza: Nono

Well, finally got my MediaFire folder back online and I can release this little fellow! Thanks to the folks at MF of course!

So anyway, you guys voted for Nono, so Nono is all yours. Before you guys wonder what those streaks are in the model, those were caused by the Canon printer I was using. Unfortunately my HP printer ran outta ink yet again, so I had to settle with the old bubble jet printer. So there's a definite lack in printing quality, well either that or I don't get to print anything at all. Meh.

Tried something slightly different with this release, didn't include a "Lined" .PDF. My models are all meant to be "Lineless" and built smoothly. The Reference Manual also changed slightly, but it still serves as reference only. You can freely choose a way that's comfortable for you to build Nono. Oh, and yes I know the er.. spanner(?), is pointing away from Nono, that's because I didn't fold the palm and the wrist to get it to tilt towards Nono. It still works, so that's fine with me.

Gurdy and Sorbet are currently in the works, so expect another release in the next few days.

Anyway, that's just about it... knock yourselves out. Good luck!

Final Fantasy XII Nono

Momo wanted to join in the spotlight with Nono


geepo said...

yay! looks great =D

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