KH: The Battleship Release

The Battleship

Well, finally finished this project. I could have gotten this done sooner, but sadly procrastination and the urge to cool myself off in the pool was too much to bare over the heat of the summer.

Anyway, this was an easy build, fiddly parts are the skull and the small parts that go into making the wheel. Other than that, everything else was smooth sailing! (ehe, get it... smooth sailing... coz, it's a ship.. and it has a sail...)

Because of the success of this model, I added a new category into my Media Fire folder, a Kingdom Hearts: Heartless folder. This simply means that I'm going to build other Heartless models in the future.

So that's that... time to start working on another project before my summer vacations ends.... Good luck to anyone who's willing to build The Battleship!
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