Moogle-Palooza: Momo


Well, you guessed it! Exams are pretty much over, got home before lunch and just laid back relaxed for the first time since last week. It'll be another 2 mons or so before finals again, so I have until then to slack off and care less about anything else. Let alone studying... hahaha!

I also took the time today to create a 2nd blog, called Assembly Line. Rather than posting here every time I have something new to play around with and making a mess of the place, the new blog would simply serve as my update page. So, if you're slightly interested in seeing some WIP models, that's a place to go. Paper and Glue will now be, my release page.

Having exams over and done with is not the only reason why I'm celebrating today. Here's why:

When I started this blog and made my first release, being LeBlanc, I thought no one would care about my models, but that right there... shows that at least there are some individuals taking their time to actually look at my models and to even download them. It wouldn't bother me if only 1% of those who downloaded the models would actually build them. That's alright, it's still gratifying either way.

So, to celebrate 6,000+ downloads of the "crap" that I've been releasing, here's a little somethin special for y'all (which also makes it my 5th release to date):
My first Moogle, from Final Fantasy XII. There's not much to pose on him other than tilt his head to the side, move his arms a bit... and that's it. It's the "cleanup" process that was the real pain in the butt. Eventually got it the way I wanted him to look like and just started building like crazy this morning.

So, as for the scale.... yeah, he's going to be the base for all the Moogles that I do intend to build. Kaizo suggested that I try the entire Moogle Family from FFXII, and that actually interested me quite a bit, instead of building just 1 Moogle. Building them all would take up quite some space, so I had to try to scale him smaller than Illidan. This was a test for me, and I believe I succeeded in doing so.

Anyway, enough of the chatter... you're here for the model not my blabbering!

FFXII Moogle

So, enjoy everyone... and once more thanks for downloading my stuff! Good luck!

Oh, btw... here's my own personal version of the Moogle... I'm calling him Momo. Sure, he has a cute name, but he makes up for it with the gear he's carrying!
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Illidan Stormrage

"What manner of fool dares stand before Illidan Stormrage?!"

I'd say this is a very successful first attempt at building my own Warcraft 3 model. Illidan definitely just opened the doors for me to continue this new long term project of mine. I'm planning on building every unit and critter available in the game and make some sort of diorama eventually. Gotta thank Barbarian and his Pally model from WoW for the inspiration to this new project.

This also gave me the opportunity to try out using an actual background to take pictures from for my models, rather than you seeing the kitchen in the background all the time. It's not exactly perfect, but hey, it does the job that it's meant to do.

Well, anyway here you go. Good luck to anyone who decides to build Illidan Stormrage.
Illidan Stormrage
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