Just so you know....


.... that I'm still alive and kicking!

So, it's Friday, the start of a long weekend for me since we all know what Monday is all about... and I got myself some free time over the past couple of weeks to do a little project of my own.

That's little 'ol Pooh Bear sittin' between Kitty Mario and Luigi. I got him in my side projects since last year, but things just got busy with me and real life and of course my last year in high school that I didn't really have the time to deal with papercraft and my other hobbies.

I gotta admit, I was surprised that I still have the capacity to work with my papercraft tools and programs after staying "papercraft sober" for the past few months and I'm quite happy with the end result. As always though, I didn't testbuild anything... I just finished the layout, printed them out and started cutting and gluing things up.

Anyway, sadly Pooh Bear won't be released at all. I'm pretty sure there are a few folks out there who have the time and the skills to work on a more release-able model of Pooh Bear.

So just think of this as a sign that I'll be "coming back" soon... well, after I finish up with high school and stuff.

For now, it's just gonna be a warm "hello" and "I'll see you soon" kind of greeting. Byeee!
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Couldn't get an appropriate image for this post other than this old picture of my shelf, which I posted on my DA.

Figured that this post would best be displayed here on the main blog rather on the Assembly Line side of things since it's quite important compared to the usual gibberish.

As most of you may have noticed by now, I was MIA for quite sometime (if you didn't notice, then that's good). A rather urgent and important family matter came up (I'd rather not discuss it here) and I had to stray away from papercrafting for the past, I dunno... 2-3 weeks now?

I even missed the whole 1 yr anniversary of Leblanc's release and of the blog too, which of course was the release date I hoped for Yuffie.

So as far as my KH2/FF7:AC Yuffie Kisaragi project goes, she's half built sitting on my desk and won't be completed anytime soon seeing as the new school year is practically starting already.

Now for the rest of my projects, I AM NOT DROPPING THEM from the project list. I will eventually finish them all, it'll take some time but I will finish them.

So, again.... all my projects will experience quite a huge delay in getting released.

Well, I suppose that's all for now, there really isn't anything else I can do at the moment than just make this update.

ps: Sorry, but I don't have an updated picture of my papercraft shelf, so the old one would have to do for now.
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KH: The Battleship Release

The Battleship

Well, finally finished this project. I could have gotten this done sooner, but sadly procrastination and the urge to cool myself off in the pool was too much to bare over the heat of the summer.

Anyway, this was an easy build, fiddly parts are the skull and the small parts that go into making the wheel. Other than that, everything else was smooth sailing! (ehe, get it... smooth sailing... coz, it's a ship.. and it has a sail...)

Because of the success of this model, I added a new category into my Media Fire folder, a Kingdom Hearts: Heartless folder. This simply means that I'm going to build other Heartless models in the future.

So that's that... time to start working on another project before my summer vacations ends.... Good luck to anyone who's willing to build The Battleship!
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Tifa Lockhart Release

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa has been a WIP for nearly the past 7 months now. Initially, Tifa was meant to be released back in July 2009, however due to unforeseen issues with her neck I had to put the project on hold till I fix the neck and re-build the model.

I'd like to say it's because of school work that delayed the release, but really it's the lack of interest to complete and finalize the template and Reference Manual.

Anyway, I finished whatever needs to get done and now it's time for the release. So you people, who's been pestering me about Tifa can now "rejoice" because she's here. Now go bother someone else, yeh?

These two finally got together....

Also: I hope to see Tifa have the same success as Cloud;
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Happy Moogle New Year!

A Happy New Year to you all, kupo!

Well, here's a proper send off to 2009 and a good way to start off the new year!

Currently staying over at my grandparents for the holidays to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the entire family. We don't always do this, so, it's rather special having the entire family together at my Mom's parents home. (not to mention it's easier for me to cash in with aunts and uncles who I haven't seen in a while! ahahaha)

Anyway.... I had these models completed for a few weeks now, but I've delayed the release long enough mainly because I was too busy with school work to even give time to finalize the templates and finish up on the Reference Manuals. It's not all that hard to do, but I can't concentrate on my work knowing that I have 6 school projects and finals to deal with!

So, here they are:

Note: There were issues with the Reference Manual for Horne, so refer to Sorbet's Reference Manual instead if things are a bit difficult to understand.




That's it! All 6 members of the Moogle Family from Final Fantasy XII has been pepakurized, finally finished this project. And now... a group pic, of every single one of them together! (told yah I would eventually have everyone)

My entire FFXII Moogle Family and Momo would like to greet everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
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