Cloud Strife Release

Here he is folks! I would've released Cloud sooner, but coz of all the bad weather lately I got sick... anyway I think this is a good way to start the new school year and to say farewell to my well spent summer vacation. As with my LeBlanc release this model is HUGE, not counting Cloud... just the Ink Buster Sword *laughs*. This marks my 2nd release, and my ongoing "Designer Tributes" models, why call it that, this time, Cloud is a tribute to, not 1, not 2 but 3 individuals.

Well here's some clues; they are all MALE, all have a papercraft development blog and at one point made their own rendition of Cloud. Guessed who they are already? No? Oh c'mon, surely you can.

Oh what the heck... this Cloud model is a tribute to Kaizo (Shinra Soldier Cloud Strife), Ninjatoes (Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife) and SD-Sacha (Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife). Obviously, there's still alot of room for improvement in my model, but I'm learning, still, not bad for my 2nd attempt at modeling eh?

Anyway, this release includes 2 PDO files (a PDO for Pose A including an optional arm piece to build Pose B and an unfolded reference PDO for Pose B, just so you know how he's supposed to look like), a Lined and Lineless PDF file, a Reference Manual with pictures and tips on how to build Cloud, finally an obligatory ReadMe! file. I highly recommend printing from the PDF files since the PDO has this white lines to help folding.

Well, guess that's all for now, got some homework to do and other school related gibberish. I'll try to finish up on my other projects as fast as I possibly can, given that I can only work on them during the weekends, can't have Cloud left all alone by himself now can I? *sigh, I miss summer already*

Kingdom Hearts 2 Cloud Strife

PS: Oh yah, feel free to troll..... I don't give a damn about trolls, y'all are ugly and stinky trolls! So bring it on, troll-ies!!!


Juiles Nevada said...

big model, long comment

oh my... i though all the time, that "big" is something around 50-60cm (2,5-3 feet)and i was wondering, why you are talking all time about his sice... "no problem" i thought ^^


opened the files, loked at the other pictures.... okay... o-kay----
than opened the pdo files... wtf oO

well, nice build anyway!!! i give hin 9/10 points. and the hair, and the trousers and the sword are owesome!!! the stile from this cloud.. i like it the most. isn´t it from advent children instead of KH? oÔ

but one question... becouse, i am not sure, if it is a good or a bad idea to build that "monster" ... did one black ink cardrige was enouth, or do i need two of theme? XD
they are really expensive :(

i did dante from DMC in lifesice, but i have used colored paper.
maybe it would be a nice idea, to make some of the pure black parts just from ... *think*... well.. white lines.. but.. a printer canot print white... prr... i´m not sure if you understand me. i can´t say what i want to say, and if i do so, than it would be like:
"Wie wäre es wenn du die komplett schwarzen Teile transparent machst, und die Umrisse in weiß. So dass man schwarzes Papier in den Drucker legt, und sich somit die Tinte spart?"

*google language say:
How about if you are completely black parts transparent, and the outlines in white. So that black paper into the printer lays down, and thus saves the ink?*

lol, what a stupid wrong translation XD
but i will let it this way, becouse its funny

one thing left to say: i am sure, this model is posible to build even in a smaler version. but if you say, that was your second, than a have big respect for your work!!!
i am interested in your future progres.

William said...

Wow. That's quite a lot of work there. I doubt I'll ever get around to building it, but it's amazing!

Fezco said...

Juiles, can't believe I'm gonna say this... but I actually understood what you wanted to say. (regardless of that google translate thing)

Anyway, I'll *try* to figure out how that can be done. I'm not gonna promise anything though, so just gimme this weekend, maybe I'll figure out somethin by then.

Also, I may post a down-sized version of Cloud, just in case someone has the patience to build him in a smaller scale.

Juiles Nevada said...

thats nice. and thank you for not calling me a troll ^^

i had the idea from an inuyasha papercraft (that i still havent build, but nevermind) and there was a choise with outlines, but on red paper (that means, black ink on red paper... no problem)
but well, give it a try. you have nothing to lose ^^

the best ideas i have night in my bed. as for the downsize i came to the... point(?) that i can easy half or 4/4 sice the hole model in the pdf print options.
although i am not 100% sure, if the parts will fit together...

by the way, this is my way of "overdo it"
the hair is syntetic fur

Fezco said...

The download link works just fine. Checked the file and downloaded it just now, no problems.

if it was really "broken" I would've had a bunch of people saying so.

try again later, it's just an isolated case, meaning it's just you.

Urashiman said...

looks like browsing /po/ still has some benefits, or else I wouldn't have know about this here.

Looks like a good job. Keep up the work and someday you will create content that wasn't just ripped, but created in hard and long work.

Added you to the my blog list.

Juiles Nevada said...

hm,... simplyfiy... i don´t know, but I like the details in this model o.O
i like the pants(trousers?), the hair and espacially the sword with that extra thing... ehm... white.. tape... thingi.
yeah, the sice thing is the only critik that i have, but there are methods, to scale it down.

and i have nothing against, then some people just rip there models from a game and unfold them, and upload them.
not "every idiot" is able to do so (I for example) and some people are happy even with models, made this way.
isn´t the result the most importand thing? it´s OK if everybody do the way, as he wants to do.
if anonymous bored kids don´t like it, the fuck off.
and if you say, you can do better, than show us.

and all the anonymous... could you please make a name like anonymous A, anonymous B... are.. brat1, brat2... ^^
it isn´t so hard.

ps: maybe you are really talented, and maybe i even know you from somethere and adore you somethere, but this atitude in the comments let you look like an idiot. who do you want to impress with that bla bla crap? o_O

Anonymous said...

excellent job Fezco! Wish I had some ink to attempt this beauty myself. :( I must say that the build looks amazing and the sword arm doesn't look all awkward when actually built as it did in the 3d model preview you showed us. :D Can't wait to see what coolness you release next and try not to let the trolls get to ya too much.

Jake said...

Could you possibly tell me what you used to color the edges? I'm really interested in making this awesome craft, but I want it to look good.

Thanks much

Fezco said...

Apologies for the late response.. school day you know.

Anyway, I used crayola markers, only markers I had on hand. Used black on the body/hands/skirt, gray on the sword, bandages and wolf head, brown on the hair, since yellow just stands out too much. Didn't color the edges for the right arm and face.

although markers tend to bleed once it gets into contact with glue, so best suggestion I can give you is try those colored pencils (whatever they're called) might work best, haven't tried them personally, so you can try that out yourself

VampArtemis said...

I'm tempted, amazed.. and ooops its downloaded already >:D I guess I have to make it :P

Anonymous said...

I need help with the Buster Sword. I'm just making the Buster Sword as I'm cosplaying as Cloud for Halloween, so I need to make the sword, and if possible, could you have a more detailed pic-for-pic instruction manual on just the sword please?

Fezco said...


I hope you're dedicated to spend at most a week working on Cloud so you can get it done correctly. It takes skill, patience and the determination to see this project through.

Fezco said...


I'm sorry, but I'm not that willing to build another Buster Sword just for the reference manual, besides I don't really have the time to do so since I've got exams to contend with.

The build for the sword is actually rather easy compared to Cloud himself. The only fiddly part is getting the bandages cut out properly to look good. The sword itself is more like building a long pointy box.

Use the .PDO and build the sword in sections OR to make it easier for you, you can also build the sword one side at a time and then combine both sides to finish the sword by closing it with part 12.

Simply follow the part numbers and assemble them accordingly.

Just take your time building it and use the .PDO.

Traxxem said...

I'm so stuck on the hair I've reprinted and started over like 4 times x.x Maybe I suck? how u do this

Fezco said...

Just take your time and pay attention to the .PDO. The parts are numbered specifically in the same order as I built them. Simply mark the insides of the spikes with their corresponding part number so you don't get confused.

Also, if you already had trouble the first time, you should have taken the opportunity to actually study the .PDO more carefully before attempting it for the 2nd... 3rd... and 4th time.

Forestpelt said...

Finally finished Cloud Strife today. :P He took about a month and a half to make! My fingers hurt!!

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