OMG! UPDATE 2013!!!!

I'm alive!!!!!

Damn... lookit lookit.... first updated post since.. like forever! Ahem....

It's been awhile huh? Lots of things has changed last time I was around... some folks I used to work with are long gone, but some are still doing incredibly well! Kudos to you folks, I envy you people. Also, Blogger sure has changed last time I checked.... how come 2 years ago you folks didn't do this?! I was havin'  a pretty hard time trying to figure out this HTML thing. Jeez... thank you, makes this whole "2013 comeback" thing a whole lot easier!

Well, it's been long overdue... I mean, the projects I had lined up. Sadly those are all long gone... long story, head over to my DA page, which I recently just updated as well, if you want to know. But yes, they're all gone, each and every single one of them. I do have a lot of free time  coming along, so that's a bit of good news. (bad news was probably the fact that I'm back... hahahahaha)

Anyway, here; something I may have time to build once I'm done messing around with it. Dead give away I'm sure.

That would be all, hopefully, I'll be able to stick around for a while longer to actually finish this. If not... then, guess I'm just gonna dig myself a new grave. (not really funny.... but it sounded funny)


Michael James said...

welcome back:) looking forward to your models. good luck!

Fezco said...

Thank you, I'm happy to be back! Glad you dropped by and checked on me after all this time I was gone.

Tektonten said...

Glad to know you are alive and kickin! Welcome back. I missed ya, buddy.

Michael James said...

I'm following your blog and just waiting for an update from you:P

Fezco said...

Hehe, yeah, been in a small dark cave for so long. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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