Claptrap's Stand

I'll be adding a nifty little stand for good 'ol Claptrap to stand on. It's textured on all sides with Borderlands 2  stuff. I'll be making 4 different stands representing each of the images above, so you folks would have an actual choice of texture you prefer to print out. Option #3 currently looks like the best winner here, using minimal ink, then  again options #2 and #4 are good too. Then the real deal breaker here is option #1 of course, good 'ol Claptrap giving..... you know.... all the... sandwhiches he has! Get it? Yeah, maybe not. Just watch Claptraps web-series.
This one also looks pretty good, it features all 4 Borderlands 2 characters going up against every creature in Borderlands 2. I'm gonna build this one for sure. It's a good thing I still remember some of Kaizo's tutorial videos... it's been helping me throughout this process of getting back in the game. I owe that dude a lot.

That's about it. Still unfolding and double checking how the build process would go.


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