Just so you know....

.... that I'm still alive and kicking!

So, it's Friday, the start of a long weekend for me since we all know what Monday is all about... and I got myself some free time over the past couple of weeks to do a little project of my own.

That's little 'ol Pooh Bear sittin' between Kitty Mario and Luigi. I got him in my side projects since last year, but things just got busy with me and real life and of course my last year in high school that I didn't really have the time to deal with papercraft and my other hobbies.

I gotta admit, I was surprised that I still have the capacity to work with my papercraft tools and programs after staying "papercraft sober" for the past few months and I'm quite happy with the end result. As always though, I didn't testbuild anything... I just finished the layout, printed them out and started cutting and gluing things up.

Anyway, sadly Pooh Bear won't be released at all. I'm pretty sure there are a few folks out there who have the time and the skills to work on a more release-able model of Pooh Bear.

So just think of this as a sign that I'll be "coming back" soon... well, after I finish up with high school and stuff.

For now, it's just gonna be a warm "hello" and "I'll see you soon" kind of greeting. Byeee!


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