The Stand: Final

The stand is finished, made all 6 stands with different designs and added a little bling on top of it; the part that makes contact with Claptraps wheels. I'll separate each stand in their own respective .PDO file, that way we'll avoid any mistakes in printing the stand that we actually want.

As for Claptrap himself, still haven't finished the unfold, roughly 1/4 of it is finished. I aim to build him to be at least 24in tall, that's from the bottom of his wheels to the tip of the antennae. So far, there are certain parts that look difficult to make due to their small size, especially those small wire fixtures around his arms. I'll try to build those wires first, if they prove to be too hard or flimsy for me... then I may scale the model up just a bit. Not too much. Hopefully.

That would be all for now, will try to get the template finished before the end of my weekend. So far so good!


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