Claptrap: Progress report

Just a quick progress report with Claptrap. I've already started the build a week ago (sorry no actual progress pics), so far the scale I've chosen for Claptrap isn't all that hard to build. Based on my estimates once built, Claptrap "himself" would be about 12in-14in; including the antennae around 20in. Those are just estimates, since Claptrap's entire body is hovering above his wheel so Pepakura wouldn't be of much help determining his final height.

Either way, the part count and part sizes are manageable and not all that hard to put together. Here's a quick sample of my layout. I'm using 8.5in x 13in velum board paper. That's probably called cardstock for some of you folks?
I'll arrange the layout for A4 format once I'm done with the build. Just a heads up though, I won't be making a step by step (part by part) guide as per my usual. This model is quite simple that it wouldn't require a separate guide aside from the .PDO.

That'll be all for now... next update would likely be the release. Ciao


WTHenry said...

It looks great! I cannot wait for the release! :D

Anonymous said...

when is the clap trap going to be released i need something decent to sink my teeth into and this has hit me straight away

Ross Graham said...

So, erm, what's happening with this. is it done? did you release the finished model files?

it looks awesome. I did mini claptrap yesterday but i was a bit simple

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